Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Online Backup File Corruption and Data Loss in Intuit QuickBooks

Do you regularly check your QuickBooks database backup? Do you validate QuickBooks database backup every time you update the backup? If your answer is 'No' for any of the above questions, you may run across critical problems in case of QuickBooks database (QBW file) corruption. Corruption in QBW file may lead to serious data loss situations and call for Intuit QuickBooks recovery if your backup is not usable.

For instance, you may run across either of the below error messages while trying to restore your precious QuickBooks database from an online backup:

Error: LA2206 Unexpected end of file.
Unable to create restore window. EOF detected without trailer. (2206) Please contact customer care.

After the above error messages, the restore process fails and your QuickBooks database remains in corrupted state. The database becomes totally unusable in such cases and you need to first repair corrupt QuickBooks file to access your valuable data.

What causes backup errors in Intuit QuickBooks?

You may run across this behavior due to numerous reasons, which may include:
One or more of the Online Backup configuration files are using zero length.
The length of the QuickBooks backup configuration files is less than 16 bytes.
The backup of QBW file is corrupt, corruption may occur because of faulty backup media or virus infection.

The problem may be related to “2269: Invalid File Size” error message.

If you have original file intact on your system and only the backup file is corrupted, you can fix the problem using the below mentioned steps:
Click Start and select Search.
Choose All File and Folders.
Enter *.@DB as a file name and select Search button.
Remove all the matched files.
Recreate the backup from scratch on a reliable storage media and validate the backup.

In case the original QBW file is corrupt or inaccessible, the above method can not be used. At this point, you need to repair the damaged QuickBooks database file using QuickBooks file recovery software to get your data back.

The QuickBooks recovery applications are designed to thoroughly scan whole QBW file and extract all inaccessible data from it. They offer safe and easy recovery owing to their read-only nature and simple graphical user interface.

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