Friday, August 20, 2010

Corrupt QuickBooks Database

Are you unable to link a QuickBooks database table with the Microsoft Access database? Is your QuickBooks database not opening properly when you attempt to access data from it? Well, this behavior usually occurs due to errors in database connectivity configuration or corruption of Intuit QuickBooks database. In both the cases, the database become inaccessible and you encounter severe data loss. At this point of time, you must have a valid data backup to restore database from it. But, if the backup is not in place, Intuit QuickBooks recovery becomes need of hour.

For a real-world example of this problem, consider the following scenario:
You can not see any information in the QuickBooks table when you link it to Microsoft Access.

You can not run any query on the table and access data from it.
When you try to backup the QuickBooks database or company file, you get the below error message:

“QuickBooks has detected a potential problem in your data file. Please restart QuickBooks and open this company file. From the Windows menu, choose Close All. Then, from the File menu, choose Utilities, and then choose Verify Data. C = 43.”
The above error occurs every time you try to open the database on any client.
If you attempt to verify QBW file (QuickBooks Database file), you get further error message that states:

“Problem, A data problem prevents QuickBooks from continuing. Solution, Rebuild your data now. Close all windows and choose Utilities and then Rebuild Data from the File menu.”

While rebuilding, you need to create backup of company file of QuickBooks database and it gives the same C=43 error while backing up the data.
When it happens, you need to identify the root of this problem and perform Intuit recovery by fixing it to access your valuable.

This behavior is usually caused by corruption of the QBW file. Database corruption could be the outcome of virus infection, file system errors, application malfunction, and other similar problems.

In order to sort this behavior, you need to restore corrupt QuickBooks file from the most recent backup.

In case the backup is not valid or updated, the QuickBooks recovery software come for your help. The applications are capable of thoroughly scanning entire QBW file and extracting all inaccessible data from it.

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