Monday, July 19, 2010

QuickBooks Database Is Not Accessing in Multi-User Mode

Are you unable to open your QuickBooks Database File (QBW file) in multi-user mode? Is your QuickBooks database inaccessible? This behavior may take place due to numerous reasons, ranging from lost connection to corrupt database. It renders entire database inaccessible and cause critical data loss situations. At this stage, an updated and valid backup of QBW file proves great help. However, if backup is not available, Intuit QuickBooks recovery becomes need of hour.

As a practical instance, you may encounter the following error message while using QuickBooks database in a multi-user mode:

“Connection Has Been Lost [99937]. The connection to the Company File has been lost. QuickBooks must close immediately. Any unsaved data will be lost and will need to be re-entered.”

This problem occurs every time you try to update the database or access data from it in multi-user environment. To work around this behavior and repair corrupt QuickBooks file, you need to figure out cause of the problem.

Root of the issue:
You may come across this problem due to any of the following reasons:
The QBDBMgfN.EXE (QuickBooks Database Manager) is terminated unexpectedly on host computer.
The network connect to your host computer is interrupted.
The DBDataServiceUser on your host computer doesn't have appropriate permissions to QuickBooks directory where your company is located.
The QuickBooks database file is corrupt due to improper termination of QuickBooks Database Manager or other reasons like virus infection, application malfunction, file system errors etc.

You can try out any of the below methods to fix this problem and carry out Intuit Recovery:
First of all, updated the QuickBooks application to the most recent version. The problem could be due to compatibility of the application in multi-user mode.
Fix network connection issues with the help of network administrator.
Check DBDataServiceUser permissions.
Rebuild the QuickBooks database.
Restore database from the most corrupt and valid backup.
When all else fails, repair and restore corrupt QBW file using commercial recovery applications.

The Intuit Repair software are particularly designed to perform thorough scan of entire database using advanced scanning techniques and ensure absolute recovery. They come equipped with highly-interactive and rich graphical user interface to offer easy recovery. The applications are totally safe to use with non-destructive nature.

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