Monday, July 19, 2010

Quickbooks Data Recovery and Repair Corrupt Quickbooks File

Are you unable to update payroll or QuickBooks application? Is your QBW file inaccessible? Well, this behavior of QuickBooks application may occur due to corruption to your data file. After corruption, QuickBooks application can not read the particular file and thus you face various error messages. In such cases, you need to restore your QuickBooks database from the most recent backup. But, if the backup is not updated or valid, you can not restore data from it and require Intuit QuickBooks recovery to get your most significant data back.

In a practical scenario of this problem, you may come across the below error message when you try to update the payroll or QuickBooks application:
“Update Error: "Failed to get Universal Agent Version." Files needed to update QuickBooks are missing. These files could be deleted or corrupt.”

After the above mentioned error message, the update process fails and QuickBooks database become totally inaccessible. In order to gain access of your valuable and precious data, you need to identify the root of this problem and fix the same using Intuit recovery solutions.

What causes update failure in QuickBooks?

This problem generally occurs due to corruption of the QBW file or QuickBooks installation. Corruption can be the outcome of various reasons, such as virus infection, improper system shutdown, application malfunction, file header corruption, and more.

To repair installation of QuickBooks 2005 or later versions, go through the below steps:
Exit QuickBooks application, click Start button and then select Control Panel.
Double-click the Add/Remove Programs and select QuickBooks.
Click Change/Remove button and the click Next.
Select Repair in QuickBooks Maintenance window and then click Next.
Click Finish button and start QuickBooks application.
Rerun the update.

If the above method can not fix the problem, then it is caused by QuickBooks database corruption and you need to use third-party applications to repair and restore the corrupt QBW file.

Intuit repair is possible using advanced and powerful applications, which methodically scan entire database using high-end scanning techniques and extract all inaccessible data from it. Such QuickBooks recovery applications are totally safe to use with read-only and non-destructive conduct. They come equipped with simple and interactive graphical user interface to offer easy recovery.


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